Laura Radzewicz
The Uncompleted Poetry
Format: 12×19 cm
Page count: 140 pages
Year: 2020
Work completed in  Latent Images Studio, University of Arts in Poznań

The Uncompleted Poetry is a paraphrase of a book of poetry. The publication is based on poems generated by the GPT 2 algorithm, on the basis of which contemporary texts from the field of automated journalism are created. The image side, hidden inside the spreads, complements the attempt to generate art without much human intervention – these are photographs generated by the Google algorithm BigGan. The source of the images is not revealed until the end of the publication. This is intended to put the viewer in a state of doubt – who is actually the author and what is he trying to say? The texts contradict themselves. The images seem clear on the surface, but on closer analysis they lose their meaning. The publication unintentionally draws attention to the contemporary information overload resulting, among other things, in a gradual devaluation of artistic means. However, its main assumption is to reflect on the post-truth nature – which of the messages we are currently faced with originate from real sources, and which are merely worthless contents generated for profit? Does art also have the potential to become a victim of these processes? (L.R.)

Laura Radzewicz (born 1999) is a student of intermedia at the University of Arts in Poznań. She creates object forms and animations based on the recycling of internet content, digital image generation and interaction with commonly available forms of artificial intelligence. He addresses issues related to the new materialism, the ethics of algorithmization and the impact of late capitalism processes on the individual condition. Contrasts magical thinking with the contemporary need for rationalization.