Dwie wystawy: Fragility + Uitgestald-2 | 19/08—17/12/23, Genk (Belgia)

W Genk odbędą się dwie wystawy, w których biorą udział osoby związane z UAP:


Female Polish artists about Corporeality 

The presentation of Uitgestald-2 in Uitstalling Art Gallery is accompanied by an exclusive exhibition of artworks specifically made for this occasion by three of the selected artists. The invitation to present their individual oeuvres under common motive aims to provide a deeper comprehensive analysis and understanding of the contemporary Polish scene. All works have been curated by Grzegorz Śliwiński.

Kamila Kobierzyńska – As the Rust Kissed the Moon

Julia Królikowska – Linear Density of Synthetic Fibres

Anna Myszkowiak – Oscillate


A selection of 19 talented Polish artists 

Uitgestald-2 is part of our project aiming to spotlight talented artists connected to two specific regions – Limburg (BE) and Wielkopolska (PL), where our galleries are located. The first edition of the cycle Uitgestald-1 showcased Limburg-based artists in Genk.

The second instalment presents a fresh selection of Polish contemporary art. It displays the outcome of an open call selection of 19 artists that share various connections to the oldest Polish region. Among them, we find a collection of distinct artists, ranging from figures present in the Polish art scene, as well as promising newcomers taking their first professional steps. Starting from August 19th, we showcase this selection in Uitstalling Art Gallery. Through their artworks, we may gain a deeper understanding of the unique artistic perspectives emerging from this historic ground.


Małgorzata Andrzejewska – Yauheniya Bialova – Alejandro Cardona – Maria Antonina Gałach – Maria i Vadim Lipovscy – Kamila Kobierzyńska – Julia Królikowska – Allen Mack – Jakub Malinowski – Anna Myszkowiak – Bożena Paluch – Kacper Pietrzak-  Kinga Popiela – Maciej Przybylski – Justyna Stankiewicz – Katarzyna Strzykalska – Piotr Szudra – Urszula Śliz – Marta Tomiak 

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