Jan Wysocki wśród finalistów „Blurring the Lines 2023 Edition”

Z największą przyjemnością informujemy, że dyplom Jana Wysockiego, zrealizowany pod opieką dr. hab. Jarosława Klupsia, znalazł się w gronie finalistów tegorocznej edycji międzynarodowej selekcji fotograficznej: Blurring the Lines.


Poniżej informacja od organizatorów (ang.):

We are excited to announce the winners and finalists of the 2023 edition of Blurring the Lines.

The esteemed selection panel for this edition included the winners of our 2022 edition: Olivia Morris Andersen, Katia MotylovaAbriansyah Liberto, and Ragna Arndt-Maric, winner of the 2020 edition, alongside members of the Blurring the Lines board and our guest curator, Yining He. Out of the 159 exemplary projects submitted by 36 schools from 23 countries worldwide, the curators have chosen 3 winners34 finalists and provided 8 special mentions for this eighth edition.

The theme “An Ecology of Seeing” aims to explore the power, moral principles, and responsibilities of photography in all its dimensions: the right to privacy and publicity, cultural representation, appropriation, confidentiality, copyright, intellectual property, sustainability, ethics of wildlife and nature photography, ethics in photojournalism and accountability, and the use of technology began to challenge the landscape of ethics by doing things with the photos without the viewer realizing it. We live at a critical moment for the sustainability of humanity and the planet, and we can move forward only through the coordinated efforts of governments, businesses, institutions, and people.

The current state of the world’s environment, characterized by climate change, the loss of biodiversity, the depletion of resources, and various forms of pollution, represents a critical cultural challenge that requires individual and collective action. Our call to action seeks to promote a sense of responsibility for our actions’ impact on society, the economy, and the environment while proposing solutions to these pressing issues. While the theme of ecological crisis is a central focus for our call, we welcome a broad range of projects that address other urgent local matters. Our selection process prioritizes projects that provide unique perspectives on the world around us and leverage the power of imagery as a crucial tool for advancing sustainable development and conservation initiatives. Through this year’s theme, we aim to showcase the diverse responses of image-makers to contemporary ecological challenges and encourage the emergence of a new culture focused on nature and sustainability.

The theme „An Ecology of Seeing” resonates deeply in a world where the climate crisis and other environmental issues are immediate and pressing. It presents an extraordinary opportunity for young image-makers to contribute to a growing collective narrative requiring us to see the world and our place in it. It is a call to look beyond the frame to the larger ecological networks in which we are embedded, encouraging a new way of seeing that is also a new way of thinking, acting, and being in the world.

The challenge for recent graduates in responding to this call lies in navigating a complex interplay of ethical, aesthetic, and empirical considerations to produce a compelling body of work. Our winners and finalists, despite the challenge, have shown a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues through documentary photography from diverse viewpoints. Some of the work focuses on the pressing matters related to the destruction of the ecosystem, while others showcase the endeavors to construct a sustainable world individually and collectively.

As the jury member and the Curator of the Year, I am reminded that our work is far from done. I encourage each finalist and those who have won special mention to continue exploring, questioning, and reflecting on the theme „An Ecology of Seeing” in their future endeavors. Your work serves as a vital bridge between understanding and action, between seeing and changing the world for the better.” 
Yining He, Guest curator

We congratulate the winners, Vanessa Cowling, Natasha Lozinskaya, and Tong Niu.

A special acknowledgment to finalists: Ada Retegan, Alexander Sharr, Alice Odegova, Angelika Kollin, Ben Sheer, Bram de Laet, Chen Yuyang, Chiara Solimene, Cuixia Sun, Emme Pretorius, Gabriela Álvarez, Guðrún Sif Ólafsdóttir, Haowei Zhang, Isabella Macauley, Jade Carr-Daley, Jamie Ho, Jan Wysocki, Judit Spanyár, Laksmi de Mora, Laura Foster, Laura María López Guzmán, Margaret Liang, Marina Sycheva, Maryam Touzani, Naomi van Kleef, Natalya Madilyan, Noemi Civero, Noor Boiten, Olha Lobazova, Ping Ting Lo, Reece Brice, Rida Choubai, Susan Wright, and Yang Su, their work will be published in the online catalog. 

Congratulations to the special mentions that will be included in the activities of the educational program throughout the year: Alice Odegova, Eugenia Sokolova-Averianova, Gabriela Amaya Vasquez, Karol Hincapié, Laura Cobb, Veronika Breuer, Vincent Zanni and Zuhaira Syaza.

This project is made possible by the kind support of FOTODOKUrbanautica InstituteEuropean Cultural Centre, and Paris College of Art.

We thank all the institutions and photographers for their participation.

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